Why are commissions not being tracked ?

"I did a transaction on my website, but the commission was not tracked by PAP and I cannot see it in the commissions report. What may be wrong and how can I fix it?"
1. The software is not integrated with your website, shopping cart, or payment system. It means that you did not insert the integration code into the sale confirmation (thank you) page or the code is incorrect, or the click tracking code is missing at your landing page.
Solution: You should follow the steps of the integration method for your shopping cart on https://postaffiliatepro.com/integration-methods/.

If you think the integration code is correct and you followed all the integration steps properly, but sales are still not tracked, please read other possible reasons of your problem:

2. You are trying to track an unreferred sale - you did a sale without the initial click on an affiliate banner or link. 
Solution: Before you make a test sale, please click an affiliate link or banner first. Then make a sale. 
Another solution: If you want to track also sales which are not referred by an affiliate, go to Configuration>Tracking settings and check the field "Save unreferred sale/lead". Then you can choose the default affiliate who will get commissions of all unreferred sales.
If you clicked a link, but no click is tracked or a sale is still assigned to the default affiliate, there are next possible issues:
3. Clicks tracking does not work. Please check whether a new click record appears in the raw clicks list after you click an affiliate banner or a link. If it is not, sales cannot be tracked too, because the cookies with needed information are not created.
Solution: Insert the click tracking code into all of the landing pages. A landing page is a page where a user is redirected after he clicks an affiliate banner or link.
NOTE: Make sure that one of your 'active' campaigns is set to be the default one - in the 'Default' column is supposed to be 'yes' next to one of your active campaigns.
NOTE2: If you are using Post Affiliate Network, then make sure that both the click tracking code and sale tracking code use proper "ACCOUNT ID" in the following line:

'default1' stands for the network-owner (main merchant) account. ACCOUNT IDs can be found at Accounts > Accounts manager > ID column.

If the merchant uses the tracking codes from their merchant panel at Tools > Integration  then the proper Account ID is already included. 
If clicks are tracked, but sales not (or they are assigned to the default affiliate) and you think all integration codes are inserted correctly, there may be next possible problem:

4. Your thank you page is located on another domain than the landing page. It means that your banners redirect the user to the domain A, but he purchases your products on the domain B. This is not an issue in general, but if the IP tracking is not turned on and you use some linking method that does not require click tracking code, the software cannot recognize the affiliate and it will cause that no (or unreferred) sale is tracked.
Solution: Follow the steps on this page or change the target URL of your banners, so that they redirect to the domain where a sale is made.

5. The affiliate who should get a commission is not in the private campaign. This problem can occur when you set all of your campaigns private and you did not invite all affiliates into them. An affiliate could use a banner when a campaign was not private. Then you set it to private, but the campaign information is still stored in the cookies.
Solution: Check if the affiliate who should get a commission is invited into any of your campaigns. Also, do not set the default campaign as a private - otherwise, no sales with no campaign specified will be tracked.
6. The commissions per sales (or other actions) are not defined or they are not enabled. Please check the commissions settings of your campaigns. If no commissions per some action are defined, this action will be not tracked.
Solution: Enable commissions per sale or another action or if they are defined, activate them - there will be the button "enable".

7. The transaction has zero total cost. The default setting of the software is to not save the zero orders. But if you track some actions (for example leads) which have no total cost, you need to save also such orders.
Solution: Use the total cost parameter or check the field "Save transaction also for zero orders (Total Cost = 0)" which is located in the commissions settings in each campaign.

8. The tracking script has been not uploaded or it is corrupted (only on self-hosted accounts). Maybe that for some reason the script which handles tracking is corrupted or you deleted it mistakenly. Please check if in the directory scripts/ there are the files track.php, track.js and trackjs.php.
Solution: Run the integrity check on [your PAP URL]/install/check.php. If the result is that some files are corrupted or missing, please re-upload them. You don't need to try to check the installation files if you have a hosted account on our servers. 
9. The tracking script failed because of an internal server error. Sometimes it happens, that a script causes internal server error because of worng configuration on the server. The error is not visible in the tracking process by the normal way, you need to take use of the Firebug feature which is available for the browsers Firefox and Chrome. When you enable the net panel and make a test click and sale, you should see the requests to track.php, trackjs.php or track.js. If some request is highlighted by red color, there occurred an error.
Solution: Ask your webhosting provider for the error logs. There will be available the description of the error which can help you to find out what settings on server has to be changed. In this case you can also contact us (attach the error log please) and we will tell you what setting is wrong.
10. The thankyou page is under HTTPS, but the domain where PAP is installed does not have a valid SSL certificate. If you track sales on the page which HTTPS, but PAP is installed on another domain where SSL is not installed, it may cause problems - the majority of browsers will block a request which results in the loading of non-secured content into a secured page.
Solution: Install SSL certificate also for the domain where you use Post Affiliate Pro or move Post Affiliate Pro installation under the domain with an SSL certificate.

11. Transactions are processed by cron. It means that the transactions (clicks, sales, etc.) are not tracked in the real-time, but with some delay (usually 5-10 minutes, it depends on the repetition time of cron execution). So when you make a transaction, you will not see it immediately in the merchant panel - this is not a problem, tracking by cron decreases the load of your server.
Solution: No solution is needed, but if you want to see the transactions immediately, navigate in the merchant panel to Emails > Mail outbox > click "Send pending mails" > Start cron manually. Wait till only 1 "Visitor log processor" remains in the list and click "Stop cron".
12. You did not refresh the page with commissions. The data can be cached and the page has to be refreshed. Otherwise, you will not see the new commissions.
Solution: You don't need to refresh the whole page in the browser, just click the refresh button in the application or click the search button.

If you tried these all solutions and it still does not work, please contact our support.