Campaigns categories

If you manage many campaigns, it might be very useful to have an option to separate them into categories or sub-categories.

The "Campaigns categories" feature allows you to do so. First, you have to activate the feature in the merchant panel at Configuration --> Features --> Campaigns categories --> Activate

Create categories

To create or manage campaigns categories navigate to Campaigns --> Campaigns categories. Click the "New category" and select the created category to edit its details. Define Name, Visibility, and Description. Make sure to save your changes.

In order to create a sub-category, click the + button of the parent category. Select the "New sub-category" to edit its details. You are allowed to create as many categories or sub-categories as you wish.

If you wish to create another parent category, click the "New Category" button again. You can define any parent or sub-category as default by clicking the "locker" icon. Also, make sure to "Save structure" after any changes.

Add campaigns into categories

Navigate to Campaigns --> Campaigns manager --> Add new or Edit any campaign --> Scroll to the "Categories" section --> Click "Change". Select the category or even multiple categories the campaign should belong to. Make sure to "Save modified rows" before closing the modal window. 

That's it! Thanks to this configuration, now you and your affiliates are able to filter your campaigns by category. The "Categories" field is automatically included in the default filter section in Campaigns --> Campaign manager --> Advanced filter (Merchant panel) or Promotions --> Campaigns --> Advanced filter (Affiliate panel)

Affiliate panel:

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