How to Change Default View in Affiliate Grid

This article shows you:

How to change the available columns in grids

If affiliates want to have more or less detailed reports displayed they can click the pencil icon in the upper right corner of every grid to open the Edit View window.

The Edit View window provides the opportunity to display or hide any columns from the report. Name your new view, select the columns which are supposed to be displayed and hit "Save As New View".

When you have more views created you can see all of them available in a drop down:

How to change the affiliate panel menu

Merchant has the option to allow which columns and sections are visible in the affiliate panel. To do so go to Configuration -> Affiliate panel -> Menu & screens and here  you can find two parts: 

1) Affiliate panel menu (left side) - on this side you can remove or change order of sections available in the affiliate menu by dragging them. The menu entries can be added in categories of maximum 2 levels deep. Items can be removed by dragging them to the trash.

2) Affiliate panel screens (right side) - here you can add available sections to the menu, edit their options or create new custom/URL pages.


How to set which columns are visible by default and available to the affiliates

Each section which contains a grid (Subaffiliates sales, Top referrer URL, Channel stats report, Sub-affiliate Sale Stats, Commissions, Raw Clicks, Payouts to me) has its own set of columns displayed by default and which can be added by affiliates optionally. Scroll through the right side of the Affiliate panel menu & screens configuration and click on the "Edit" button next to the desired page to set which columns should be displayed by default and which should be available to add to the view by the affiliate optionally.

The "edit window" gives you an option to set default and allowed view. 
The default view is what your affiliates will see by default without any modifications to their views.
The allowed view defines the columns which the affiliates can add to their views individually and therefore it also gives you the option to block some content/data from being accessible by affiliates completely. For example if you are storing personal information of a customer in commissions which you don't want to share with affiliates you can disable those data columns here.
If you do not want to allow affiliates to change the default views in their grids at all, visit this page.
Don't forget to click 'Save' at the bottom.