Built-in Google ReCaptcha feature


PostAffiliatePro's reCAPTCHA feature allows you to integrate reCAPTCHA functionality into your default merchant and affiliate signup process, protecting it from spam and automated abuse.

Google reCAPTCHA is a security service provided by Google that helps protect websites from automated bots and spam by requiring users to prove they are human before submitting forms or accessing certain features. It is designed to differentiate between genuine users and malicious bots by presenting challenges that are easy for humans to solve but difficult for bots.

There are different versions of reCAPTCHA, including reCAPTCHA v2 and reCAPTCHA v3. In reCAPTCHA v2, users are asked to click on a checkbox or select specific images to confirm they are not a robot. In reCAPTCHA v3, the system evaluates user interactions with the website to assign a risk score, helping website owners determine whether the user is human or a bot without requiring user interaction.

By implementing Google reCAPTCHA, website owners can reduce spam and abuse, ensuring a better user experience and increased security for their online services.


1. Activating the feature

To activate the reCAPTCHA feature, access your merchant panel and navigate to Configuration > Features, where you can enable the reCAPTCHA option.


2. Configuring the feature

Once activated, proceed to Configuration > Captcha and choose between the "Classic" or "Google reCAPTCHA" options:

  • "Classic" is straightforward and doesn't require additional setup, but it is not completely foolproof.
  • "Google reCAPTCHA" offers a higher level of protection, but it necessitates the setup of Google reCAPTCHA keys in your Google account.


3. Generating a Google Key

Obtain your Google keys from https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/create. Ensure you set the keys correctly; otherwise, reCAPTCHA will not appear on your affiliate signup form. Choose reCAPTCHA v2, as v3 is not currently supported. Enter your Post Affiliate Pro account domain where you will use reCAPTCHA (e.g., something.postaffiliatepro.com).


4. Selecting a theme

Additionally, you can select one of four visual themes for your reCAPTCHA. Below you can see the preview of each theme: 


Merchant signup for PostAffiliateNetwork

For those using the Post Affiliate Network plan, reCAPTCHA can be enabled for both merchant and affiliate signups. Your reCAPTCHA configuration screen will include an extra setting: