ReCaptcha feature lets you implement ReCaptcha functionality into your affiliate signup in order to protect it against spam and other types of automated abuse. To activate the ReCaptcha feature, open your merchant panel and go to Configuration > Features and activate ReCaptcha feature there.

After activation go to Configuration -> Captcha and enable reCaptcha there. You can use Classic or google ReCaptcha.
  • Classic is very simple and does not require any additional setup. However it's not 100% "bulletproof".
  • Google ReCaptcha is more advanced and provides much higher level of protection. However it requires you to set up google ReCaptcha keys in your google account.

You can get the google keys from It is very important to set the keys correctly, otherwise, ReCaptcha will not show up in your affiliate signup form. 
  1. Select reCAPTCHA v2  as v3 is not currently supported.
  2. Insert your Post Affiliate Pro account domain where you will be using ReCaptcha(for example:

You can also choose one of the four visual themes for your ReCaptcha. Here is a preview for each one of them.

In Post Affiliate Network plan, ReCaptcha can be enabled for both account(merchant) signup an affiliate signup. Your ReCaptcha configuration screen will have one more setting: