Branding Free is a special feature that allows you to change the links in the footer of panels and signup form of Post Affiliate Pro (Network) from "Powered by Post Affiliate Pro" to your own text and link.

The feature has to be purchased and activated before it can be used. You can purchase it either at the time of purchase of PAP, or anytime later from the Features screen.

To purchase and activate it go in your merchant panel to Configuration -> Features
There click the Activate button next to the Branding free feature.
After this, the feature is activated. Now you can change the branding text.


Changing the branding text

When you have successfully activated the feature, you can change the branding text in one central place. Go in your merchant panel to Configuration -> Design and in the first tab Customize Logo you have a new field labelled as Branding text.

This field contains text (optionally a link) that is used in all footers of the system. The default text is:

<a class="papCopyright" href="" target="_blank">Affiliate Software by Post Affiliate Pro</a>

Replace the text with your own text:

<a class="papCopyright" href="" target="_blank">Affiliate Program by Company XYZ</a>
After saving the changes you'll see your new text in the footer of the panels like the Signup form and the affiliate panel.


Design window before and after Branding Free activation


and after: