Fixed cost feature is a useful tool for those merchants who need to subtract something (taxes, shipping, special costs) from total cost and create commission from this value. E.g if you need to pay commission from total cost minus 19%, you will need to use fixed cost.

How does it work:
Fixed cost can be applied in sale tracking code OR set up directly in campaign settings, whichever method suits your needs better.

  • Campaign settings: You need to go to Start -> Campaigns -> Campaigns manager -> Edit campaign by clicking the pencil icon next to it -> Commission settings tab -> Edit the commission type in which you want to use fixed cost and enable "Use fixed cost" and fill in your values.
  • Sale tracking code: You have to use parameter setFixedCost('value') or setFixedCost('%value'). The fixed cost will be subtracted from total cost and commission will be counted from this new value.

  • If you want to pay commission only from total cost minus 6.7%, you need to add this code to the sale tracking code: sale.setFixedCost('%6.7');
  • If you want to pay commission from total cost minus $5, then you have to add this code: sale.setFixedCost('5');
In hidden image/pixel code the usage will be FixedCost=%10 or rather FixedCost=%2510 since you might need to encode the percentage sign in order for this to work. That would set the fixed cost to 10% of the total cost value.
NOTE: The "Fixed cost" feature works only if % commissions are defined in the particular campaign or commission group. With fixed $ commissions the setting of Fixed Cost obviously doesn't matter. For example you set the commission to be $5 so it will be $5 for each order, no matter what was the total cost of the order or no matter what fixed cost was defined.