CPM commissions

CPM (cost per mille) commissions are a special type of commissions that are rewarded for 1000 impressions, more exactly,  for displaying your banners 1000 times.

This type of commission somehow relates to the banner exchange system, because you pay your affiliates for displaying your banners or links, and not for actual clicks.

Activating the feature

This feature is available only in the Professional and Ultimate edition by default. Users of the Xpress editions can purchase it individually.

The feature has to be activated before it can be used. To activate it go in your merchant panel to Configuration -> Features
There click the Activate button next to the CPM commissions feature. If you have Xpress edition, you have to buy it first.
After this, the feature is activated. Now you can specify a new CPM commission type in your campaigns.



Setting up CPM commissions

When the feature is activated, you can go to the Campaign manager and open some campaign for editation. Go to the Commissions settings  tab and you'll see the CPM commission type.


The commissions for CPM can be defined in the same way as commissions for clicks, sales, etc. So click the Edit button of the 'CPM' type of commission and set up the desired commission(s). Once you set and enable the commissions, it's done. From that time your affiliates will get commission for every 1000 displayed banners.