Auto-Registering Affiliates

Note: This feature is available since version
This feature allows you to use (non)affiliate e-mail address as an affiliate parameter in the sale/click tracking code. If the e-mail is not registered yet, a new affiliate account will be created automatically for the customer and they will get a notification about the registration only if they receive their first approved commission. Notifications about sales will be disabled for this affiliate once they log in to the affiliate panel for the very first time. 

Activating the feature

Activate the feature in the Merchant panel> Configuration> Features> Auto-Registering Affiliates, click the Activate button. After this, the feature is activated and you can use it.

Using the feature

For click tracking you can use your general affiliate link with the email address instead of the referral ID in a_aid parameter:
By the very first click on this link a new user will be created with the email If a user with such an e-mail address already exists (next clicks), this link will be used as a common click on an affiliate link.
User will receive an email notification about this registration only when they receive their first approved sale/action commission.
Similarly, you can use an e-mail address in banner codes after the a_aid url parameter.
We would like to bring to your attention a potential issue, highlighting that it may not be secure to use this. Banners and links published through this feature will be visible and searchable on the web by all visitors. Generally, it is not a good approach to publich the email address. 


Generating links and banners for users

For generating affiliate links or banners for users you can use HTML forms: Merchant panel > Configuration > Affiliate signup > Auto registering forms (tab). Here you can get an HTML or PHP form source code and paste it into your pages.
You can find there HTML source code with or without PHP source code:
Affiliate link and banner code forms
 with PHP and CSS style (allows customization):
  • affiliate link form "Get your affiliate link form"
  • banner code form "Get your banner code form"
Iframe link/banner code form
more simple iframe codes only in HTML (doesn't allow customization)
  • form for affiliate link
  • form for banner code
Affiliate link form example:
Banner code form example:

Feature configuration

A notification email about affiliate registration is sent to user's e-mail address after the user (freshly registered affiliate) receives their first approved commission. By default, this particular affiliate is not going to get any other notifications, unless they log in to their affiliate panel for the very first time. If you want to have the "registration notification" to be sent to the particular affiliate on every approved sale, check "Send registration notification on every sale" in the configuration screen. As soon as the affiliate logs in to the affiliate panel for the very first time, they won't receive the "registration notification" anymore.