Mail to friend

Note: This feature is available since version


This feature allows the affiliates to send the promo emails directly from their panel. 

You need to activate this feature at Start -> Features -> Mail to friend

Also you need to have some promo emails created (Banners -> Banners manager -> Add banner -> Promo email).

When this is done, the affiliate may login to his panel and navigate to Promotion -> Banners&Links and seek the promo email banner. Under that banner he/she will see  a 'Send to a friend' button:



After clicking that button a new window appears, where he/she may specify the recipient(s) and/or load the last used recipients and choose whether to use the default system email or his/her email address as the 'from' address:




Personal message


If a merchant wants to allow the affiliates to add their own text into these emails, he/she can insert the {$personal_message} variable into the promo email during its creation:



Affiliate will see in the 'Send to friend' window an input text area for inserting his/her personal message:



When he/she clicks the 'Send' button, the promo email will be sent.

NOTE: in order to have this feature work you need to have the email functionality set up correctly and also the cron job needs to be set up (Start -> Tools -> Integration -> Cron job).






Send emails per minute - If affiliates are sending many emails and it causes slowdown of your server, you can set how many email will be sent per minute. It causes that emails will be scheduled with delay.


Allow to use system email for affiliates - If is checked, affiliates can choose sender (From field) as system email.


This configuration you can find in Merchant Panel > Configuration > Affiliate Panel > General