Emails are a great way to reach out to your audience because they are constantly checking mail, on their mobile phones, as well as their desktops. It is a great outlet to get in touch with them on different devices and also grab their attention because everybody checks their emails at all points of time.

Creating a Promo e-mail banner allows you to prepare an e-mail template for your affiliates with a fully customized look. If you prefer composing an e-mail as a plain text, select the Wysiwyg input method while creating a banner. Using the HTML input method gives you unlimited options to format/design your e-mail. In order to create a Promo email banner, navigate to Banners --> Banner manager --> Add banner --> Promo email

Wysiwyg vs HTML editor

The WYSIWYG editor gives you the ability to enter and format your content while working in a “What You See Is What You Get” view of the content. By using the implemented WYSIWYG editor, you can easily edit and style the content of your banner without any coding experiences. This editor lets you format text in bold or italics, create numbered lists, drop in images, paste tables, and embed links.

The primary advantage of HTML editor (manual coding) is that the user has complete control over the design of his banner, however, the primary disadvantage of manual coding is that the designer must save the banner and load it in a web browser or preview it to see changes. Many HTML designers keep the text editor and web browser open at all times to reduce the time required to save and view the altered documents.

You can easily toggle between Wysiwyg and HTML editor in the "Body" fieldset


Build an affiliate link within your banner

The simplest way how to include an affiliate link in your banner is by including the {$targeturl} variable. This variable will be replaced with the URL you´ve defined in the "Destination URL" field. Also, every mandatory parameter such as the Referral ID and Banner ID will be added as well.

If you want to include more links in your banner with different destinations, you have to type them manually. To track these links properly, you need to also add at least the Referral ID and Banner ID variables (including URL parameters). If you´ve chosen the "Anchor links" as your preferred linking method in Configuration --> Tracking settings, then add the following parameters:


In the case of "New style links" linking method, use the following:

Make sure that the destination page includes the Click Tracking script!

See an example below:

Hey! Get your ultimate
Affiliate software
for tracking affiliate
programs & networks
today by creating a free trial!
Get Started
Default URL
Post Affiliate Pro Features Custom URL

With regards, John Doe
   <link href=";800&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">
<div align="center" style="font-family: 'Poppins', sans-serif;font-weight:300;width:100%;
            background-color:#133f7b;color:white;padding:20px 20px;
   <a href="{$targeturl}" target="_blank">
      <img src=""/><br/>
   <font style="line-height:90px;font-weight:300;font-size:16px;">
      <strong>Hey!</strong> Get your ultimate
   <font style="font-weight:800">
      Affiliate software
      for tracking affiliate<br/>
      programs &amp; networks<br/>
   <font style="line-height:90px;font-weight:300;font-size:16px;">
      today by creating a free trial!
   <a style="color:#133f7b;background-color:white;padding:10px 60px;font-size:20px;
      href="{$targeturl}">Get Started
   <a style="font-size:16px;color:white"
      <strong>Post Affiliate Pro Features</strong>
   <font style="line-height:0px;font-weight:300;font-size:16px;">
      With regards, <strong>{$firstname} {$lastname}</strong>

As you can see in the example, you are able to show more details of an affiliate such as his First or Last name, etc...

Every variable you will include in the banner will be automatically replaced once an affiliate gets the banner from his Affiliate panel. Most of them are affiliate details that can be customized by the Merchant in Affiliates --> Affiliate manager --> Edit any affiliates; or by an Affiliate in his Affiliate panel --> My profile --> Personal details.

Initially, these details are provided on affiliate signup based on the fields you´ve enabled/defined in Configuration --> Affiliate signup --> Fields. For more details, please, see also the following article.

Affiliates can get your Promo e-mail from their Affiliates panel --> Promotions --> Banners & Links, as a plain text or HTML code and send it through their mail provider´s dashboard. If you wish them to send it right from their Affiliate panel, you need to activate the "Mail to friend" feature. For more details, please, see also the following article.

Available variables

While you are building affiliate links in your Promo email banner, you are allowed to use the following variables (most of them represent affiliate details):

{$firstname} - First Name
{$lastname} - Last Name
{$username} - Username
{$password} - Password
{$ip} - IP
{$data1} - Affiliate profile field defined under Configuration->Affiliate signup->Fields
{$data2} - Affiliate profile field defined under Configuration->Affiliate signup->Fields
{$data3} - Affiliate profile field defined under Configuration->Affiliate signup->Fields
{$data4} - Affiliate profile field defined under Configuration->Affiliate signup->Fields
{$data5} - Affiliate profile field defined under Configuration->Affiliate signup->Fields
{$data25} - Affiliate profile field defined under Configuration->Affiliate signup->Fields
{$parentuserid} - Parent affiliate
{$refid} - Referral ID
{$notificationemail} - Notification email
{$bannerid} - Banner Id
{$channelid} - Channel Id
{$targeturl} - Target URL
{$targeturl_encoded} - Encoded target URL
{$impression_track} - Impression track

These variables are listed in the "Body" fieldset of the banner customization section.

Check also HTML banners.