There are two things to customize in signup form:

  • design/look managed by templates
  • contents - what fields should be displayed

Changing the affiliate fields

In the default installation, the affiliate has fields like Username (Email), First Name, Last Name, Web Url, Company name, Street, etc. You can change some of these fields, or add other fields that will gather other data.
PAP allows you to define up to 25 fields that can be filled with additional affiliate information. 

To edit affiliate fields, open merchant panel, go to Configuration -> Affiliate signup to tab Fields.

The first 4 fields cannot be changed at all. The next 25 fields named data1..data25 can hold additional affiliate information. 
For every field you can set if it should be:
- mandatory
- optional
- optional (not in signup) -- can be filled only in the affiliate panel
- read-only -- can be filled only by the merchant or via php API
- writable only in signup
- hidden -- can be filled only via php API  or by the merchant if he sets the field temporarily to "read-only"
- disabled -- not in use at all. 

You can also choose different field types: Textbox (limited to 255 chars), TextArea, Number, Checkbox, Listbox, Email, or List of countries.

Changing the signup form design

Before customizing of any template, please create new theme, because customized files of default themes will be overwritten during the update to a newer version of PAP
If you want to change the design of the signup form, for example, display fields in two columns instead of one, you have to edit the signup form template.
In the Customize design tab, you can see links that will take you to the most commonly edited sections of the signup form.

Now click on the Edit signup form link to open the template for the signup form main contents.

This will open the signup form template in our standard template editor. There you can edit the template file, and you also see the location of the template file, so you can edit it manually.

The constants like {widget id="lastname"} or {widget id="data1"} are our Smarty template engine tags that tell the system to insert field with lastname or field with data1 to the form.