The SmartLinks feature allows you to set multiple banner destination URLs for each banner. You can use this feature if you want to target different destination URLs based on the visitor's device and/or visitor's country(Geo-targeting).

For banners with multiple destination URLs, the "Redirect links" tracking method is automatically used.

How To Activate It

1) In your merchant panel navigate to Configuration > Features > search for "SmartLinks" > Activate.

2) Now in the banner's details (Banners > Banners Manager > edit / add banner > details tab), you have a new option called "Additional destination urls", where you can define new destination URLs and their conditions:


3) For each URL, you can specify the following options:

  • User variables (Referral ID and Banner ID are already included in the destination URL by default)
  • Destination URL (URL of the website)
  • Rank (Rank from 1 to 100 - should be used ONLY if you have URLs with similar settings and would like to prefer one over another (higher number = higher preference)
  • Devices (Tablet, Cell phone, PC)
  • Countries (visible ONLY if you have the Post Affiliate Pro GeoIP feature and GeoIP Core plugin activated in your merchant panel)


4) Example how to set up different destination URLs for a banner based on the users Country (Geo-targeting)

According to the example above, we have an image Banner with 3 destination URLs:
  • Destination URL #1:
  • Destination URL #2:
  • Destination URL #3:

Now, visitors who will click on the image banner will be directed to the Google website based on their country, meaning visitors from Slovakia will get to while German visitors will be directed to and US visitors to

All the conditions that you specify must be met in order for SmartLinks to work correctly. In our case, visitors must click on the banner from one of the specified countries, from any device.

Once you set the SmartLinks according to your needs, your affiliates can implement the banner on their websites.