Mini-site is a set of static pages that could contain information about your affiliate program, FAQ, etc.

Every page of mini-site is a single php file located in /affiliate/affiliates directory. In the default installation there are files:
index.php - main index page of mini-site
faq.php - page with Frequently Asked Questions
tour.php - page where you can add tour about your program

You can freely add, edit or remove any page from the mini-site.


Editing page

Before customizing of any template, please create new theme, because customized files of default themes will be overwritten during update to newer version of PAP
Let's open file /affiliates/index.php. You'll see it contains only few lines:
    require_once '../scripts/bootstrap.php';
Gpf_ModuleBase::getStaticPageContent(new Pap_Signup(), 'index.stpl', 'main_static_html_doc.stpl');

This is a PHP code that says that this file should display template index.stpl, and the main template of the page is main_static_html_doc.stpl.

If you'll open for example /affiliates/faq.php, you'll see it differs only in one line:
    Gpf_ModuleBase::getStaticPageContent(new Pap_Signup(),'faq_public.stpl', 'main_static_html_doc.stpl');

which means that FAQ page loads it's contents from template faq_public.stpl.

Let's say we want to edit the content of the index (home) page. The content is loaded from template index.stpl, all mini-site templates are available in edit design for your signup theme [Merchant panel > Configuration > Design > Signup page theme].


These template files are saved in database:

in table: `qu_g_theme_templates`

here are these fields:
- 'templateid' insert here any 8 characters string (it have to be unique in this table)
- 'themeid' - ID of your custom theme, for your case it have to be signup theme, you can see ID in table 'qu_g_theme_configs' where name is name of your custom theme and module is 'signup'
- 'filename' - name of your file e.g.: terms_public.stpl
- 'content' upload here your file content
- 'datechanged' is datetime when was file last changed, use here e.g. actual date tima
- 'is_deleted' have to be N so file will be usable