Top Level Affiliate Commission

Do not mistake this for Top Level Affiliate Fixed Commission

The "Top level affiliate commission" plugin works the following way:

- once you activate it, you can set in its configuration the % of the commission that should be assigned to the last tier (top affiliate) in a particular transaction. That percentage is calculated from the commission that is calculated based on the campaign's setting for the particular tier. 

- the default % in the plugin's configuration is 100%.

Let's have a campaign with the following commission settings:
commission (1st tier): 10%
2nd tier: 5%
3rd tier: 3%

And let's have the following affiliates:
John, who is subaffiliate (child) of Jane. Jane is subaffiliate (child) of Thomas.

Now, if the 'Top Level Affiliate Commission' was not turned on and John referred some sale of purchase cost (total cost) $100, then the following commissions would be generated:
John  -> $10 (10% of $100 -- 1st tier commission)
Jane -> $5 (5% of $100  -- 2nd tier commission)
Thomas -> $3 (3% of $100 --  3rd tier commission)

BUT if the "Top Level Affiliate Commission" plugin is turned on and in its configuration you leave the default '100%', then the following commissions would be generated:
John -> $0  (because he is not the top affiliate [last tier] from transaction's point of view)
Jane -> $0 (because she is not the top affiliate [last tier] from transaction's point of view)
Thomas -> $3   -- he is the top affiliate (last tier) from transaction's point of view, so only his commission (that is set in the campaign settings as 3rd tier commission) is saved in the system. 

If the "Top Level Affiliate Commission" plugin's configuration was set to 50%, then Thomas would get only $1.50 commission (50% from the commission that was calculated based on the campaign settings for the particular tier).

NOTE: This plugin applies globally to all of the campaigns you have.