Affiliate Control Panel Tour

This video will help your affiliates better understand the Affiliate panel and quickly start promoting your program. Also newbies in affiliate marketing will see, that to become affiliate and start promoting your products with Post Affiliate Pro is easy without any complications or long learning curve.


Affiliate Panel navigation video


Transcript (auto-generated)

0:01 In this video, I want to tell you how to operate your control panel as an affiliate in the affiliate program.

0:08 After you log in, you'll get your general affiliate link, which you can use for promotional emails, social networks, blogs, et cetera.

0:18 In the home section, you'll get an overview of your commissions and you'll also see your stats for clicks and impressions.

0:26 There's also a set of quick navigation icons that you can use for getting around most of the time.

0:32 You'll use the navigation on the left in the getting started.

0:37 You'll get promotional tips and frequently asked questions which will give you quick insights on how to get started and use the affiliate program campaigns is where you can see which campaigns you have been assigned to with some basic information and percentages on commissions.

0:55 Assets is where you can find promotional banners of various types sizes and formats.

1:02 When you want to use a banner, all you have to do is click get banner code, copy, paste the code to your website and display the banner reports.

1:13 Give you an overall insight on your clicks, impressions, sales counts and commissions.

1:19 You can browse through multiple different types of reports.

1:22 In this section.

1:25 My sub affiliates is a section where you can view your sub affiliate tree and review their sale stats.

1:31 If this is available in your affiliate program, payouts is a section where you can review your payout balance and a history of any previous payouts in my profile.

1:45 You can edit your personal details, how you want to be paid out and change themes in your panel.

1:51 If that is available, contact us is where you can contact your affiliate manager directly without having to go to your email client.

2:01 Just fill in the subject and the message and the message will be delivered right to your affiliate manager.

2:09 These are the basics on how to navigate through post affiliate pro affiliate control panel.

2:14 If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email to support at post affiliate or start a live chat conversation on our website, post affiliate

2:26 Thanks for watching.