Tracking settings

One of the key features of Post Affiliate Pro is the ability to do a special kind of tracking. In this video I'll show you how to choose the right affiliate linking method.

Video Transcript

One of the key features of Post Affiliate Pro is the ability to do a special kind of tracking. Navigate to Configuration and open Tracking Settings.

Define your main site URL at the top.

Configure tracking levels and go down to Affiliate linking method.

Here you can set the style of affiliate link URL that your affiliates will put to their pages. You can choose from the methods below.

Anchor links

This is the same tracking method as New Style Links but with one difference which makes linking more powerful. The anchor links work the same way as New Style Links, but now the variables are called as an anchor - within the page. I recommend using these kind of links beacuse Google loves them. They are even better than the links rewritten with Mod rewrite.

Mod Rewrite links

This kind of tracking is the hardest one to manage, but could result in good search engine friendly links. First, you need to define your link form - prefix, separator, suffix. Then you have to generate the code for the htaccess file. Create this file at your server and paste the code into the freshly created file.

The DirectLinks is an advanced feature that allows your affiliates to link directly from their website to your website without additional parameters in the URL. The good thing about the direct link style is that you can choose direct linking as an addition to your standard affiliate links. All affiliate DirectLink URLs require merchant's approval.

Standard links work like any other links. The link always points to a script in your Post Affiliate Pro installation folder including some affiliate variables of Post Affiliate Pro.

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