Before you order Post Affiliate Pro, check if your server or hosting account meets the following requirements:
  • PHP version 7.2 or higher (Post Affiliate Pro versions and lower can run on PHP >= 5.4)
    - with extensions: MySQLi or PDO MySQL, gd2, iconv, mbstringPHP5-CURL package, mod_rewritebcmath, xml
    - with one of the encoders listed here
    - recommended minimum memory_limit 128MB,
    - recommended minimum max_execution_time  30 seconds
    - turned on php session
  • MySql 4.1.x or higher
    Recommended is MySql 5.5 - in case of high loads in the database it is possible to add partitioning of tables in version 5.1 or higher
  • Web server Apache (2.2.7 or higher), IIS or any other that supports PHP and .htaccess rewrite rules (IIS can support .htaccess via )
    • enable mod_deflate (gzip) for content text/html
  • Operating system any Unix like, Windows or Mac (basically all operating systems are supported if the operating system supports installation of web servers)
  • Disk space - minimum 400 MB (recommended)
  • cUrl version 7.39 or higher (older versions cause problem when connecting to our license server)
  • SSL - it is supported so if you own an SSL certificate you can use https://
  • If you use mobile internet connection, set your mobile modem to Uncompressed internet route (APN)
Recommended setup of server:
- 4 Cores @ 3.2GHZ Turbo
- 8GB RAM (DDR3)
- 500 GB 7200 RPM SATA RAID 10 (Primary)
OR: - 2x 128GB SSD raid1
NOTE: The directory, to which you are about to install Post Affiliate Pro (or Post Affiliate Network) must be available via browser by some  URL address or IP  ( e.g. )
For high performance requirements please check here: