Updating Post Affiliate Pro

If you are updating from lower version of PAP4 than 4.4.x.x to higher version of PAP, e.g. from version to version 4.5.x.x or higher then please read this article first.
NOTE: From version 5.x.x.x  the source code is encoded so your web-server must have one of the supported php loaders installed.
NOTE: Since version custom template files are stored in database and are loaded via .htaccess, if you are using Nginx server you need to rewrite the .htaccess rules, you can find help here
Before updating Post Affiliate Pro it is a good idea to check the changelog here and also to make sure that your server still meets the minimum system requirements here.

To keep your Post Affiliate Pro up-to-date you have to check for the new version in members area.
You can always download the latest version of Post Affiliate Pro from there.

Update steps:

  1. Download the latest version zip file from members area.
  2. From your server, remove files from affiliates/js folder and from merchants/js folder. This files are new for each installation (update) and have new name, so they will not be replaced by the update process. If you do not remove them, the application will consume more disk-space by each update.
  3. Update application files. There are two ways how to do this:

    a.) Unzip downloaded distribution file. Then copy the new files over your existing installation in binary mode - overwrite the files (recommended)

    b.) Copy distribution zip file to the PAP4_installation folder.  Then go to step 4. Installer will unzip files automatically. In Update files step you will need to enter ftp information (FTP through port 21) for your site as the updater modifies file using ftp. If you are using SFTP connection (port 22), you have to do it "old way" like described in a.)
    Update option b.) is available for updates from version and higher. This means that you will be able to use this approach for the first time when updating from to
    Update option b.) changes the file permissions to 777 which may not comply with the rules of your server environment therefore is recommended a.).
    Your custom files, like banners, settings, changed templates are safe, they will be not overwritten, because they are in /accounts/default1 directory which is not overwritten.
  4. After the application files are uploaded, go to the URL
    to start the installation wizard. The program will update the installation and database to the newest version.
     It is recommended to delete /install/ directory from application files after update process is finished.
If you are using option b.) at step 3, then you will need to skip integrity check because of missing files from /js directories. It is OK, because new files will be distributed from *.zip
To skip integrity check, just add index.php?p=F to your install path so it will look like this:

Changes in templates

It is possible that the latest update of PAP4 contains new version of some template files.

If you made some customizations to the templates, you don't need to be afraid, your changes are not lost.

During the update process, the system is updated to the newest templates from us, but the templates changed by you are saved with name 
template_name_******.tpl in the corresponding directory, where ***** is the older version of PAP from which you updated to the latest one. 
You can simply review the applied changes and apply them in the new version of templates.

Note that this "conflict" happens only if you changed some templates AND we made changes into the same templates in the new version of PAP.