Updating Post Affiliate Pro

Before updating Post Affiliate Pro it is a good idea to check the changelog here and also to make sure that your server still meets the minimum system requirements here.

NOTE: Since version custom template files are stored in database and are loaded via .htaccess, if you are using Nginx server you need to rewrite the .htaccess rules, you can find help here


Update steps

1) Download the latest version zip file for the correct PHP loader available on your server from the members area.

2) Update application files.
To update the files unzip the downloaded distribution file and copy the new files over your existing installation to overwrite the files.

  • In case you're using a cPanel then you can upload the distribution file via cPanel's file manager to Post Affiliate Pro's folder and unzip the file there to overwrite all the files.
  • In case you're using FTP connection to upload the files please use binary transfer mode.

3) After the application files are uploaded, go to installation wizard URL
E.g https://www.yoursite.com/affiliate_system_directory/install/ to start the installation wizard. The program will update the installation database to the newest version. It is recommended to delete /install/ directory from application files after update process is finished.



In case you have edited some of the installation files then the installation wizard might not let you through due to corrupted files. If you are sure that the files the installation wizard marked as corrupted are all deliberately edited by yourself you can skip the integrity check by adding index.php?p=F to your install path so the whole URL would look like this: