Post Affiliate Pro installation

Before proceeding to the steps below, please, check the minimum requirements regarding the server where   Post Affiliate Pro is about to be installed.

Post Affiliate Pro is distributed as a ZIP archive which you can download from your members area
Check this guide to see which ZIP archive you should download.
After downloading the archive you should unzip it into some temporary path.

Then copy all files from this directory to your server (e.g. Note that files need to be uploaded in a binary upload mode. Set permissions (CHMOD) of /accounts directory to 777.

If you are on Nginx server then don't forget to rewrite the .htaccess rules, you can find help here
If you have problem with the executing of rewrite rules in .htaccess on your server, you can find help here

There is an easy to use installation program, that will guide you through the process of installation in few simple steps.
Steps to install the software are here:

Start the Installation Program
Go to the URL of to start the installation wizard. The wizard will take you step by step through the installation of Post Affiliate Pro.

Selecting installation language

Post Affiliate Pro supports multiple languages, and it allows you to choose your language also for the time of installation.

Installer Welcome

In the first screen the installer checks the system requirements. Some of them are mandatory, the Recommended settings don't need to be all set in order to work with the system.


Create database

You have to enter the database connection information. Usually you can conveniently create a new database and a user in your webhosting control panel. If you don't know how to do it, ask your webhosting to help you. IMPORTANT step is to set the database with utf8_general_ci collation.

Eventually, you can create database using MySql command prompt (only for experienced users):
Create a new MySql database called for example postaff
Create a new user called postaff, with password somepassword.
Grant access for user postaff to the postaff database.

// Customize to match your db_name, db_user, and db_pass.
mysql> CREATE DATABASE postaff;
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON postaff.*
TO postaff@localhost IDENTIFIED BY
"somepasswor" WITH GRANT OPTION;

NOTE! The database does not need to be named postaff, you can choose your own database name, username and password and specify it during the installation.

When the database is created, fill in the database information in this step.

Accept License

You have to enter your license ID, you can get it from the customer portal where you need to log in using the email address you used to purchase your license. The license is valid only for the domain where you are currently installing the system, and it is checked with us.

You also have to read and agree with the software's License agreement.

Select time zone

in this step you can choose server time zone for your database. All dates in PAP's database will be saved in time zone you set here. By default we use America/Los_Angeles time zone. 

Create account

In order to correctly install the system, some directory permissions have to be changed.
Directory /accounts has to be writable by PHP. To enable this, you should change it in your FTP client and set the permissions to 'writable for all' (chmod 777).

The installation script will check it and notify you if the directory still doesn't have the essential permissions.

In this step you can enter your name, email (username) and desired password to be used to enter the merchant (admin) panel.
Please remember the username and password, otherwise you will not be able to log in to your merchant panel.

Installation completed

Congratulations, you have successfully finished the installation. Now you are ready to use the system.

It is recommended to delete /install/ directory from application files after installation process is finished.