Moving installation of PostAffiliatePro to another domain or directory

Important notice: Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) is possible to be moved to another domain or directory just 2 times !
If you reach this limit, your license will be invalidated.
How to move the installation of PAP:

1. You can move all files to a new location (or rename directory where PAP is installed).
1.1 (Skip this step if you are moving Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) version 4)
In case of moving Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) version 5+ you need to realise that the installation files are encrypted and tied to specific PHP version and PHP loader. For example if your current server has PHP 5.3 and you are using ZendGuard loader then the files of your installation will expect this configuration also on the new server. You have 2 options:
  • Make sure that the new server has the same PHP version and same PHP loader available.
  • Move the files to the new location and then follow the upgrade guide to overwrite the old files with the correct files for your new server. Of course you will access to updates to download the new installation zip designed for the new server configuration.

2. If your database server doesn't change, you don't need to change anything in database.
If database server changes with the domain too (e.g. moving installation to another server), you will need to dump the database of PAP and import it into the new database on the new server.
Then, in accounts/settings.php you will need to change the database connection information for the new database server. 
Inside the database at the new server (location) in the qu_g_settings database table you will need to update the value of the following rows:
"serverName"   = new domain of PAP
"baseServerUrl" = new directory of PAP
Note: You should change URL of uploaded banners. You can change it in DB in table qu_pap_banners in data1 column (or in the control panel).

After those changes you will need to validate your license against the new domain. If you do not use any features/plugins, you can directly navigate to merchant panel, where you will be asked to enter your license key again.
If you are using Post Affiliate Pro (Network) version 4.5.86 or older, and you have  any features/plugins activated, then do not run the application yet, so the license won't get invalid. Contact us first with your new installation address and license ID, so we can generate the license string for your settings.php file. Otherwise your features will be deactivated what can result in deleting featured banners (replicated site, banner rotator, ...) and reseting your work.

3. Now, when all is working again, you have to realize that your domain, or at least directory changed, so you have to tell your affiliates to update all their banner codes. Also your Tracking settings (e.g. SEO links can not work because of old links in .htaccess) and your tracking codes in your site.

After you change the domain/url of the software then your logo, banner images, campaign logos etc. might disappear. You can either reupload all these images or use this API script to change the URL for these images to the new one