Installation FAQ

What can I do if my installation fails?
Here are some tips and tricks that you can try to do if your installation keeps failing. These are the most common reasons our customers used to have problems with the installation.
In case you happen to have PHP version 5.3.x  and you have both ionCube and ZendGuard loaders available, then it is possible, that they might interact with each other and therefore you may need to try both installation packages suggested by the php loader check script mentioned above.
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Contact your hosting (or check it yourself), if you have mod_security module enabled in apache. This is a very often reason when the installation keeps failing. Mod_security is filtering every request towards the server - it checks every regular expression and if it matches some banned regular expression, then the request to the server won't be delivered at all. You can try to disable your mod_security for the directory where your Post Affiliate Pro is installed (in .htaccess file). Or ask your hosting if it was possible to turn it off. Then you can try to run the installation script again.
The best thing is to check the apache error logs to see why some requests failed -- maybe you have some custom security configuration applied in your webserver and that prohibits some requests made to the 'server.php' file.
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- open and find the string "memory_limit". Here is an example:
Check if this memory_limit value is 32M (minimum requirement) or higher - 64M. If it is less than 32M you should raise this value in php.ini file. 
Note: If you do not know how to change this value, just write to your hosting that you need to change your php's memory_limit option to a specified value. They'll know what to do.
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- create a phpinfo.php file in the 'scripts' directory of your installation of Post Affiliate Pro and used the following code in it:
- open and look at the top of the page. Here is an example:
Now look for your php version. In our Install requirements, there is written that the minimum php version is php 5.2.0. Yes, basically this is true BUT, php as any other software evolves, and keeps fixing minor or major bugs. So we recommend, if you have php older than version 5.2.9 to upgrade to a higher version for example 5.2.11 (up to 5.3.2).
Note: If you do not know how to upgrade, just contact your hosting, they'll upgrade the php for you.
Another possibility...
- open and look to the section apache2handler, if you have one (if not it means that it is disabled, or you do not use apache as your webserver).
Do you see mod_nogzip module in this section? If so... just create file custom.php in your scripts directory in pap installation directory and put this code in it:
This means that you want to disable gzip compression for PAP application files (because you do not use one for your whole webserver). 
Other reasons
If you still have no luck to complete the installation, check your Apache (or other webserver)  logs (Ask your hosting to provide them or find them in your Cpanel or similar web hosting manager). Common errors you can find there:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7680 bytes) in ...
In your PAP installation directory in the scripts subdirectory create a file custom.php and put the following content into it:
<?php@ini_set('memory_limit', '64M');?>
Note: You can use higher values than 64M (128M, 256M, etc.) but it is not recommended to do so.
In our requirements, you can find that the server has to support MySQL PDO. If it does not, it will result in errors while connecting to the database. To force the system to use just MySQL, add this line to your account/settings.php file:


No luck? 
If you still can not complete your installation just contact our support at and try to describe at what screen the installation fails. If you can provide us your apache error logs, or screenshot it will be great. We will try to help you as soon as possible.
2. My license is always invalid (PAP/PAN versions older than [ excluded])
Sometimes you may experience,  that you keep validating your license id, but for some reason Post Affiliate Pro keeps refusing it. Or another scenario can be that you can validate your license, then you log in, log out and the license is invalid again. 
We encountered this problem on servers where there is some strange configuration of subdomains. In this case, you can try to add one special setting to the  settings.php file in directory. Here is an example:
You must add the line:
as you can see in the image above.
Still invalid license ?? Keep reading...
Check your phpinfo.php file as described above and find the line SERVER_PORT:
On this line, in the standard case, should be value 80. As this is a standard HTTP port. However, sometimes as in the example above, this port can differ. In this case, if some internal procedure is used to reroute standard 80 port to a specific port (4341 in the example above), the license may not be validated. If this is the case try to add this line to your custom.php file in the scripts directory of your Post Affiliate Pro installation:
This forces Post Affiliate Pro to use port 80, and let the internal mechanism of the server to make the redirection to its own port. 
3. I'm using domain alias and Post Affiliate Pro keeps telling me, that my license is invalid on this alias
Let's say you have Post Affiliate Pro installed on domain Now you create an alias like https://www.yourpage.ali. Now if you try to access your merchant panel via this alias (https://www.yourpage.ali/merchants) you get Invalid license screen. 
In general, we do not support domain aliases. You must use one Post Affiliate Pro installation on one particular domain. If you want to have another Post Affiliate Pro installation, then create a new installation on a new domain, but do not create aliases to the existing installations. 
The solution to this could be to create a redirect from https://www.yourpage.ali to, but you can not use it directly as an alias.
4. I'm getting "Server access is probably not configured properly" error, when checking Post Affiliate Pro requirements during install
This error can have two primary reasons: 
  • you have Apache on your server as your primary HTTP server: check mod_security module. If it is enabled, and it is not properly configured, it can cause some problems for Post Affiliate Pro. The best solution would be having this module disabled for the Post Affiliate Pro installation.
  • you do not have Apache on your server, or you do not have mod_security module enabled: You have probably disabled calls to server from itself. This means that you are not permitted to make HTTP request from your server to itself. Post Affiliate Pro uses this type of request for some operations (generating invoice previews, etc...), so this configuration may cause that some Post Affiliate Pro functions will not work correctly.


5. Installation on HHVM server

It is possible however you will need a special Nginx setup