Viewing Affiliate Activity

Video will show you how to watch affiliate activity.

Video Transcript

To see how your affiliates are doing, navigate to Transactions where you can see an overview of overall commissions and sales.

Navigate to the Clicks list section, where you can see all the clicks registered in your affiliate program.

You can see the referrer url, date, IP address, country code of each click in this list. In the affiliate column see affiliates to whom are the clicks assigned.

All the sales are shown in the Commissions section. You can change the search through this month, today, yesterday or see only approved, pending or declined commissions.

You can also use advanced search, in which you can define to show more options like type of sale, payout status, campaign, date, order id and more.

In the Recurring commission rules section you can see and manage your recurring commissions. See affiliate, total cost, order ID, date, last commission date and status.

Through these reports you can manage orders, clicks and see what’s happening with your affiliates. There is more detailed reports in this Reports section.

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