Recurring commissions

Recurring commissions allow you to reward your affiliates for recurring payments, for example for hosting or membership. With Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) and the Recurring commissions feature the recurring commissions for affiliates can be generated automatically at given period (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) until you stop them.

If you are going to use PayPal subscription buttons for memberships, you do not need to enable the Recurring Commissions feature in Post Affiliate Pro, because PayPal will do it all for you - this means a commission will be generated only if a successful charge is accomplished. You only need to properly integrate the PayPal button(s).
The only case when you would turn on the Recurring Commissions feature when using PayPal subscription buttons would be if you wanted to provide different commissions on recurring charges than the commission for the initial payment. In that case in the 'configuration' of the Recurring Commissions plugin you would have to turn on the "Use only API to trigger commissions (planned task will be disabled)" option and in your campaign the 'recurring commission' settings would have to use the "VARIED" period.  Even in this case a recurring commission would be generated ONLY if a successful charge is accomplished by PayPal. If no successful charge is accomplished, no recurring commission will be generated.

To enable recurring commissions you have to make sure there is a cron job running regarding your installation of PAP.

NOTE: If you are going to use Pap_Api_RecurringComission, then no need to configure the cron-job. It's enough to manually run the URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro_/scripts/jobs.php file for the sake of being able to activate the "Recurring commissions" plugin.
You can see if the cron job is running or not  if you navigate in the merchant panel to  Tools > Integration > Cron job integration


In case you use a hosted solution of PAP (installed on our servers) then the cron job is configured by default. 


So, if the cron job is runnig, then  navigate in the merchant panel to  Features > Recurring commissions and activate the Recurring commissions feature. 

The system will ask you to restart the application. Just click Yes.


Recurring commissions can be defined in the commission settings of each campaign. So navigate to Campaigns > Campaign manager  and then click the pencil icon next to a campaign you wish to set up a recurring commission for and in its "Commission settings" tab you can define the desired recurring commission structure.


NOTE: If you use the Commission Groups feature and have some commission groups in the campaign, then you might want to configure the recurring commissions in those commission groups as well.

Now the new link appears in left menu under Transactions. Whenever a new transactions is be made, the commissions are recorded in Commissions and also the recurring commission is saved at "Transactions" > "Recurring commission rules". This entry is just for your information. It is not a real commission - the real one is generated based on this recurring one.

As you can see, each transaction has its unique ID. This ID is used when creating real commission at each period of time. E.g. first transaction in the screenshot above  will be created in one month again with the same ID.

It is also possible to define multitier commissions for recurring commissions.

When you want to stop the recurrence you only have to delete the particular recurring commission at

Transactions > Recurring commissions