Offline promotion materials with Site Replication and Rebrand PDF

Let's imagine that you are selling mountain bikes and your affiliates attend many events where they would like to promote your products. They would like to have some printed material they could give to the potential customers but they want to be sure, that when the customer goes to your shop using the URL on this paper, that they will get a commissions. How to do this?

1. Create a Replicated site for your affiliates. This site can show your best products or products that are currently for sale.
Let's say that the URL for this replicated site will be:

2. Create a promotional PDF and upload it to Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) as a Rebranding PDF banner. In this PDF you will have the information about how great your bikes are and the link to your shop.

This seems normal. Where is the trick? The trick is that you will use the following URL:{$refid}

This will mean that when affiliate John Biker (refid: biker) downloads this promotional PDF, link to your shop in PDF document will be:

When potential customer opens this page, he will see your promotion and when he makes a purchase, a commission will be given to affiliate John Biker.
On top of that you can use affiliate constants in the replicated page which means that this site can look something like this:
here is John Biker. I've bought a perfect bike in this shop. They have the best prices and perfect service.


How will all this look from the customers view?
I'm attending a race and a friend of mine John Biker gives me some paper. It is a promotion for another bike shop, but the offer seems interesting.
When I come home I open the shop page Wow! My friend John Biker bought something here. It has to be a good shop!
I need some new gloves so I buy some.

What is the result?
The customer bought gloves at your shop. You have new sale and you can give some commission to John Biker who brought this customer to your shop. This motivates John, so he will keep on promoting you and you will sell more.