Import (update) affiliates from external source using CSV

This article will explain how to import affiliates from a CSV file or how to update existing affiliates. (E.g. you can use it to mass change their details, like address or anything else.)


In order to import affiliates you need to have a CSV file with the affiliate data.

The file must be in UTF-8 format and ideally you should create it with a non-ritch text editor (e.g. PSPad, Notepad++) and use either a comma or a semicolon as column delimiter.

At the very least your file must contain the affiliates' first name, last name and username. If you have more fields set as mandatory in Configuration->Affiliate signup->Fields then you either need to include these as well in your file or temporarily set these fields to Optional.

The actual csv file could look like this:





The first row is the header describing the columns under it, it is optional, so you don't need it in the file.

Once you have the file created navigate in your merchant panel to Affiliates -> Affiliates manager and above the grid click the button labeled "Import Affiliates". When you click this button a new window appears called 'Affiliates Import', this is how you would set it all up for the file depicted above:

You have to choose the same fields in the exact order as defined in your .csv sheet and also the correct separator. If you've added also header to your CSV file, then you need to check the checkbox for skipping the first row. You also need to select the status of the imported affiliates.

Then you need to upload the file clicking the Browse button and finding the actual file. Once selected you are ready to import.

After the import is done you should see a message that it was successful or it will return a file to download in which the errors will be listed next to each row. Once you close it you can refreshor click on Search to reload the list of affiliates and see the new ones.

If you should want to change data of existing affiliates you'd include the fields which you wish to change, plus some identifier by which the affiliate will be matched. It can be their user ID, referral ID or username.