How to run only one cron task

We would like to describe you a bit about what's new in the cron job system related to your Post affiliate Pro/Network installation.

As default .. everything works like before (you can execute all cron job tasks at once and several times by a single click on the execution button) but there is a really cool improvement (latest PAP/PAN versions) which you can use for execute one task only.. 

For example: You can run a task which is stuck due to some other stuck task and practically cron job looks like not working at all.

You can find the cron working panel through your merchant panel following:

Tools > Integration > Cron job integration (available for owned installation)

Hosted PAP/PAN accounts does not have access to cron integration, however such users can trigger cron job tasks through the:

Emails > Mail outbox > Send pending emails

Please have a look on the snapshots below where you can see how it looks like and which function to you can use for an execution of a specific task or you can simply remove such task if necessary (in owned installation only)

For owned installation


For hosted PAP/ PAN account on our server


You can see when the task has been created/updated

What is the Name of a task/tasks and what is the Progress (waiting, executed, crashed) and of course what Actions do you have available for use.