How to integrate Post Affiliate Pro with Google Analytics?

Some merchants wish to be able to track statistics in their Google Analytics  account regarding affiliate-referred visits.
In order to achieve that, the following has to be accomplished:
  • Use the Google Analytics URL builder to generate the URLs that lead to your e-commerce site so that they may be used as a "Destination URL" in the banners created in Post Affiliate Pro.  
    Fill in the fields in that URL builder e.g. the following way:

    Website URL:
    Campaign Source: {$refid}
    Campaign Medium: PAP banner
    Campaign Name: PAP VIP Campaign

    That 'Campaign Medium' and 'Campaign Name' should bear the name of the banner and campaign that you have in Post Affiliate Pro for better review. But of course, you can enter any other desired name there.

    NOTE: for 'banner name' and 'campaign name' there is no variable in Post Affiliate Pro when creating promo materials, therefore, if you want to have different links for different banners, then you have to generate a different link for each of them.

    The {$refid} will be automatically replaced inside Post Affiliate Pro with the referral id of the particular affiliate
  • The URL generated via GA URL builder  for the above mentioned settings would look like:

    however, it is  encoded  and can not be used in Post Affiliate Pro yet. In order to decode it, visit or use 

    The decoded version of URL from above will look like:{$refid}&utm_medium=PAP+banner&utm_campaign=PAP+VIP+Campaign

    That URL can be already used as a "Destination URL" of a banner in Post Affiliate Pro.
  • Make sure, that the campaigns, in which you are using such URLs   uses Redirect Links (former Standard Links) linking method. 
That's it.