Page peel banner is another type of media banner. It is a banner that is located in top left or top right corner (or both) as a small rolled image and upon hovering it with the mouse pointer, the banner is unrolled revealing another image which can be clicked. After clicking it, the visitor is sent to banner's destination URL with tracking parameters included in the URL.

Feature activation

You can activate this feature in the merchant panel at Configuration > Features (see attached image) and then reload the application. After reload you can start creating your Page Peel banners in the Banners manager section of the menu.

Creating Page Peel banners

As as merchant you can create new banners in the Banners Manager by clicking the Add banner button . If you have activated the Page Peel Banner feature (as mentioned above), you should see in the list of supported banner types also the Page Peel banner. If you don't see this option in banner types list, you need to activate this feature first (as mentioned above) and then reload the application.

In the next step you will need to fill in the mandatory fields of the banner like: Name, Campaign, Destination URL and Size.

In the Banner Parameters section you can set in which window should the destination URL open upon clicking on the banner. Then you can set in which corner should the banner be positioned - you can choose top left, top right or both corners.

In the Closed banner settings  section you can define what image should be displayed when the banner is closed (rolled), also you can define  the Background color and Rotating text which is shown when the banner is closed (rolled).

In the Opened banner settings section you can define what image should be displayed when the user hovers the banner (unroll) with the mouse pointer, and you can define the Rotating text which is shown when the banner is open. After each change, hit save button and you can preview the banner. I advise to edit images to a format close to those used in this guide - if you want tot use right corner banner then the main painting of images should be also placed on the top right side of the image, because the lower left side will be hidden under the body of the Page Peel Banner and never shown.

And this is how the banner will look like:

Rolled (closed) Page Peel Banner

Unrolled (open) Page Peel Banner