Import/upload custom transaction (update transactions)

You can use this for importing transactions from custom csv file or you can update existing transactions. (E.g. you can update status of existing transactions by transaction Id or by order Id)

Create csv file

For importing transactions you need to create a .csv style sheet which has to be in UTF-8 formating and also you should create it with a non-ritch text editor (e.g. PsPad) and use either a coma or semicolon separator.
E.g. it could look like:
affiliate id,campaign id, order id,commission,total cost,
The first row data is the header of the columns under it. 
Then navigate in your merchant panel to Start -> Transactions -> Commissions and above the grid you should see a button labeled "Import Transactions". (this feature is available from version When you click this button a new window appears called 'Transactions Import':
You have to choose the same fields in the exact order as defined in your .csv sheet and also the correct separator
For the above mentioned structure it would be:
NOTE: fields like user id (affiliate id), commission and campaign id are mandatory.
[You can view the campaign id by enabling it at: Campaigns > Campaign manager > click 'Edit view' above the grid listing the campaigns > check in the ID > rewrite the 'Default view' to e.g. 'new view' and click Save
Now there will be a new column listing the campaigns IDs. 
The same way you have to enable the Affiliate ID  in the Affiliates manager. ]
Then you need to upload the file clicking the Browse button. 
Since the header of the columns can not be imported, we check the 'Skip first row' option. 

Transaction import settings:

If the 'Compute commission automaticaly' is turned on,  the system will calculate the commission based on the campaign settings. If in the campaign you have a % commission, then in your .csv file the Total Cost must not be missing. 

Match transaction by:

Do not match - all the transaction even with the same order id will be imported
Order ID - the import script tries to load existing transaction based on order id defined in the .csv file and if there is such a transaction found in Post Affiliate Pro (Network), then that transaction will be updated based on the import  data (there has to be only one transaction with the particular order id. If you have two or more transactions with same order id, nothing will be imported and if you don't have any transaction with the particular order id defined in the .csv, then a new transaction will be created)
Transaction ID - the import script tries to load existing transaction based on transaction id defined in the .csv file and if there is such a transaction found in Post Affiliate Pro (Network), then that transaction will be updated based on the import data (if you don't have a transaction with the particular transaction id defined in the .csv file, then a new transaction will be created)

Status of imported transactions:

From input data - if in the .csv file you include the Status   (Approved, Pending, Declined) then the transaction status will be set according to that.
Approved, Pending, Declined - statuses for all importing transactions. 


After all is set:

Click the Import button. 
If the import was successful (the .csv file is correctly formatted and you selected all the lines) then you should see the following:
Click Ok, cloes the 'Transactions import' window and refresh the page of Commissions clicking the green arrows in the upper right corner:
Then you will see the imported transactions.  
NOTE: This feature does not calculate tier commissions, since it was never meant to do so. 
NOTE2: If your import file is created on Macintosh system, import will work when you convert Line Endings to Unix or Windows format or if you enable 'auto_detect_line_endings' function on your PHP server (
Here is example how to change Line Endings in Geany: