How can I change content of mini-site pages? (i.e. Home, FAQ, Tour)

The content of mini-site pages is changed by editing a Signup page theme. First, you need to create a copy of the theme which you want to use - simply because the default themes are always overwritten during each update.
Navigate in your merchant panel to Configuration > Design > Signup page theme, choose a theme and click on Edit theme button. 
A dialog will open, but changing the content of any of those fields isn't necessary, just click Create. This will automatically create a copy of this default theme. More about making your own theme



Don't forget to set the new theme as default so you can view changes in the mini-site pages during editing. Click on Set as default and now we can start editing by clicking on the Edit theme button.


When you click on the Edit theme button a new window will pup up with all the files that you can search and edit. This requires a basic knowledge of HTML code and CSS. Mini-site consists of the following pages:

Home page content can be edited in index.stpl file and you can view the page at
Signup page content can be edited in signup_form.tpl file and you can view the page at 
Login page content can be edited in login_form.tpl file and you can view the page at https:/URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/affiliates/login.php#login
FAQ page content can be edited in faq_public.stpl file and you can view the page at https://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/affiliates/faq.php
Tour page content can be edited in tour.stpl file and you can view the page at https:///URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/affiliates/tour.php

It is not possible to create a new page, however self-hosted customers are able to create additional pages for mini-site

Some of the files are included on every page, for example:

Header can be edited in header.stpl and menu buttons in account_topmenu.stpl
Footer can be edited in footer.stpl
Custom style for HTML elements can be added to custom.css file. A guide for changing panel colors is here




Let's say you want to change the percentage in the text "Earn up to 50% commission!" on the Home page. Navigate to Configuration > Design > Signup page theme > edit theme > search for index.stpl > click on the index.stpl file > search for the text which you want to edit.

Click Save to perform changes and reload your mini-site to view the results.

Feel free to contact us via email to if you need help with editing your mini-site.