How can I change content of mini-site pages? (i.e. Overview, FAQ, Tour)

First, you need to create a copy of the theme which you want to use - simply because default themes are always overwritten during each update.
So in your merchant panel navigate to Configuration > Design > Signup page theme.

Select which theme you want to use (Set as default), save and then simply click the  Edit theme button. A dialog will open, but changing the content of any of those fields isn't necessary, just click Yes. This will automatically create a copy of this default theme.   

Ok, now you have to set this freshly created theme as default. Then you can start editing it. Click the Edit theme button and wait for the files to be loaded in a new window. Generally, you have some sort of ftp access to all of the files, which you need to edit in order to change the content of mini-site pages. You can use our previous online help in order to understand how our template system works and how to find the correct files for editing

Basically, you need to find and edit:

index.stpl              -    if you want to edit Overview page
faq_public.stpl     -    if you want to edit FAQ page
tour.stpl                -    if you want to edit Tour page
footer.stpl             -    if you want to edit the footer in wide theme
signup_form.tpl   -    if you want to edit the texts on the sign up form in wide theme
xyz.stpl                 -     if you want to edit a custom created xyz Page (How to add such custom page can be found in previous link)

Click save to perform changes and review your mini-site for results.


Watch the following video to see how I did it...