Post Affiliate Pro My Account section

When you are using hosted account you can manage your account's billing information in the My Account section, located in the right up corner of your Merchant panel.


Before upgrade:

After upgrade:

Upgrade your Trial account to paid one:

1. When you are ready to make a step forward and upgrade your trial to paid account, just choose your preferred plan and click Checkout.

2. Enter your Billing information and proceed using button Next button.

3. Choose your preferred payment method. We offer you a possibility to use Credit card or PayPal. When you will be done hit Finish. Our Payment processor will try to charge your account.
Note: All hosted account payments are upfront and recurring payments. 

4. After upgrade your account will be automatically refreshed and short maintenance mode executed. During this time your account will be upgraded to the version you chose during upgrade process.

View all your invoices:

Click on Invoices button in My account section to see all your invoices. You can also download invoices in the PDF format using Download icon.


Update your current Credit card or PayPal information:

Anytime after the upgrade of your account you are able to update or change your payment method by clicking on Payment info. You are able to use Credit card or PayPal

Update your current billing information:

Anytime after the upgrade of your account you are able to update or change your billing information by clicking on Billing info

Stop your account:

There is also an option to STOP (cancel) your account anytime. Just click Stop account button and confirm your decision.

Possible problems and troubleshooting:

- if your order fails (for some reason) payment processor tries to bill you three more times every 12 hours. After the third unsuccessful try, you have to update your credit card information, otherwise your account will get suspended.

-  the reason of the declined (or failed) order is in 99% unknown to us. Therefore the first step upon failed order/billing is to contact your bank that released your credit card to find out why your card was declined. If they don't know the reason why the credit card was declined, more exactly, they can confirm that they did not decline your card or the attempt to bill your card, then you need to contact us and we will contact payment processor for more details regarding the failed order.