How to send customer info to referring affiliate in email template

If you want to send customer information such as name or email address to your affiliate, you can add this info into Post Affiliate Pro's New sale/lead notification email, which is sent after each successful sale (if set so). Please follow this guide:

1.) you need to insert additional line / lines of code into your sale tracking code:

sale.setData1('variable_of_customer's email');
sale.setData2('variable_of_customer's first name');
variable_of_customer's last name');

Basically, you need to insert the variable of your website/e-shop which represents the customer's information into our sale tracking code. Upon successful sale, the data will be sent to Post Affiliate Pro in additional sale parameter fields. If you are not familiar with the correct variables then we suggest you to contact your website/e-shop provider who should know the exact names of variables.

2.) now you need to edit the New Sale email template, go to your merchant panel > configuration > email templates >
Affiliate - New Sale / Lead Approved > now you can manipulate with the variables that represent also additional transaction data 1 - 5, you should create something like this:


Dear affiliate, you have referred us a sale from client {$saledata2}{*Transaction data2*}
{$saledata3}{*Transaction data3*} and you can contact him at {$saledata1}{*Transaction data1*}


When a real sale occurs, the email template will be filled with real name and email address of your new customer and sent to your affiliate:

"Dear affiliate, you have referred us a new client John Doe and you can contact him at"