How to make the affiliates to accept the new terms and conditions

Let's say your Terms and Conditions in your affiliate program are about to change and you want to make sure your affiliates accept them again.
The solution would be as follows:

First of all, send all your affiliates a message that the terms and conditions have changed and that in X days (e.g. 3), their accounts will be set to pending and it will be approved only if they accept the new terms and conditions at the following URL: 
You would create the 'TermsAndConditions.php' file, in which you would include the new 'terms and conditions' and also a form with 3 fields:
  • 2 text fields - username and referral id
  • 1 checkbox field (I agree with the new terms and conditions)..
The form submission would go to https://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/affiliates/actoin.php (this file would have to be created) in which there would be the following condition:
  • If the terms were accepted and a correct username and referral id was provided, then the affiliate's status would be approved via the following API:
    (instead of setUserid the SetUsername parameter would be used). 
In X days you would set all the affiliates to 'pending' status manually:
"Affiliates > Affiliate manager > click advanced search > filter only the approved affiliates > click 'All' right above the grid listing the approved affiliates > click 'All xxx' [xxx will be the exact number of all of your approved affiliates] > click 'change status' > choose 'Pending'. 
From that time on, if any of the affiliates do not accept the terms on the https://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/affiliates/TermsAndConditions.php page, they would not be able to log in to their panel. 

The tracking would work during this time, while their commissions earned during the 'pending' time will be also saved as pending and approved as soon as their account is approved. 
NOTE: In the above mentioned text the URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro has to be replaced with the real URL address leading to your installation of Post Affiliate Pro (Network).