10. Test everything

When you have created your campaigns, defined correct commissions, created some banners/links and integrated your website, you should test the system. Before you begin with testing please enable event logging for Sales in your merchant panel Configuration > Event logging if it is not yet enabled. Just check the checkbox near 'Sales' and hit Save.

The best approach is to simulate the whole process from affiliate’s and your point of view: 

1. Sign up as some testing affiliate – after approval you should receive confirmation email with the link to set your password, and you should be able to log in to your affiliate panel or you can log in directly from your merchant panel by following this guide.

2. Log in to the affiliate panel, get the code for the banners/links and put them into some testing page.

3. Click on the banner and check that the click is registered in Reports > Clicks list of your merchant or affiliate panel.

If your installation is set up to use a cron job (hosted with us accounts always do use cron job) then it might take up to 15 minutes for newly tracked events to display in panels. If you don't see the click after 15 minutes then please repeat integration step 9 of these guides and reinsert the click tracking code to your website.

If you still don't see the click then please contact us via email (support@qualityunit.com) or on live chat and provide us with the destination URL of your banner/link so we can test the click by ourselves to see where the problem is.

4. Try to make a test purchase and check if the sale commission was registered in the affiliate system in Reports > Commissions of your merchant or affiliate panel. Remember that if your installation is set up to use cron job it might take up to 15 minutes for the commission to appear.

If you don't see any new commission in the system after 15 minutes you can try to check the logs in Tools > Event logs. In upper left corner in "Search in" select Sale debug and read the logs one by one to see why the commission wasn't registered. Here you can find the complete integration check guide.

If you don't see absolutely no log there regarding sale saving even after 15 minutes then most probably the sale integration isn't added correctly and the code isn't being executed on the thank you page.

If you experience some problems in any of these steps, you can look for common tracking issues and how to debug tracking.

If you do not wish to wait during testing for the cron job to process your tracking requests you can force the processing by going to Email->Mail outbox section of your merchant panel where you click on Send pending emails button after which you should see the following screen:

There next to the Visit log processor line click the green refresh icon in the Actions column a few times to make sure that all requests are processed. Sometimes with a few special integrations you will still have to wait longer and forcing of the processing won't help, but in most tests this is a very useful option to see the results sooner and to have the logs available sooner. Just don't forget that you might also need to refresh the reports/logs to see the new records.


If everything works as it should, the work is finished, the affiliate system is running correctly and you can start recruiting affiliates.


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