6. Set up emails functionality

You should set up the emailing functionality, so that the application sends email notifications or emails templates (you want to send) to the affiliates without any problem. All the email-related settings can be set in the merchant panel in the Configuration section.

Email functionality includes:

Mail Account - defines the method used to send the emails. You can choose either default mail() function or define your own SMTP server. Here you can find the complete guide.
Make sure that the mail account is set up properly – try to test sending emails.
Without working emails neither the affiliates nor you will receive confirmation about affiliate signups, new sales/leads, etc.


Email Templates - these are the templates which are used when the system sends automatic emails (notifications), like after-signup email or new-sale notifications. You should go through all email templates and customize them with your own name, signature, or update the email texts.

If you want to use localized texts, then anything what is between ## ##  will be localized if it is added as a translation source in your imported languages. So if you want to use localized text in your email templates, you have to insert the particular text between ## ## - in English (no special characters) and create a source and translation in the language file (click here for an example of a localization).


Here you can see the video:


Email notifications
you can configure what kind of notifications you would like to receive as merchant, and what notifications will be enabled for affiliates by default and which ones could they manage by themselves.


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