Upgrade to version 4.4+

Read this carefully before upgrading from older version to version 4.4.x.x or higher as there are couple of major changes in version 4.4.

1. Offline Impression/Click/Sale processing
In order to increase performance of the tracking subsystem we have introduced offline impression/click/sale processing.
This means that you do not see impressions/clicks/sales right after they happen, but will have to wait till the cron job processes them.
Because of this, we recomend to set up the Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) cron job to be executed every one or two minutes.
If you do not have a cron job set, then all impressions/clicks/sales will be processed online.

2. New tracking subsystem
In order to introduce new features such as Split Commissions we needed to change the tracking subsystem. This change is important for users who rely on cookie format (PAPCookie_Sale, PAPCookie_FirstClick, PAPCookie_LastClick).
If you do not know anything about these cookies, then you can upgrade without problems.
If you rely on the particular cookie format or if you are not sure if this can affect you, please contact us before upgrading to version 4.4.x.x

3. Longer update procedure
Version 4.4 introduces also new data structure for statistics. This makes them 200% faster than in the previous versions. This means that your current data needs to be converted. This is done automatically by the update script you run after each update. Update to the version 4.4 can take up to 15 minutes. This is normal. You have to hold on.