Upgrade from PAP4+ to PAP4+ Network

The upgrade is almost the same like a common update of Post Affiliate Pro 4 to the latest version. Before the update, you need to accomplish some special changes:
  1. Open the table qu_g_settings which is located in the database of your Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) installation on your server. Remove the value of  LICENSE, replace the value of  LICENSE_CODE with your new license code and save the file.
  2. Open your Merchant panel. You will get an Invalid license warning screen. Now enter your new license ID and click update license.
  3. After successful license validation you will be prompted to restart the application. Click "yes" and after the application reloads, you can run the upgrade.
You have to copy the files of Post Affiliate Network (PAN) package over the PAP4 files and then run www.yourdomain.com/pap_network_directory/install/
Before you upgrade PAP to PAN, you have to upgrade PAP to the version or newer, otherwise you will get error messages.